Caribbean Beaches

Caribbean Beaches

Mapas Playas del Caribe

Barra del Colorado

Address: inside the Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge, Limón.

This straight line and open beach with dark sands and strong swell stretches out for 5 km between the mouths of the Colorado River and the Samay Lagoon. Little coastal and vegetation, abundant driftwood, makes it inadequate for bathing. Main activities are walks and watching (contemplate or gaze).


Address: 80 km north of Limón city inside Tortuguero National Park.

Straight line beach 5 km long, with dark sands and strong swell. Its main attraction is the arrival of turtles to nest and lay their eggs along the coast. Prominent among them are the green and leatherback (baula) species.


Address: next to Limón city.

Yellowish sand beach with strong swell, very suitable for surfing. Strong underlows, and coral reefs in the bathing area call for precautions and great care.


Address: 49 km on the road from Limón city to Bribrí.

3 km long, with light-colored sand, this beach divides into three sections: one appropriate for bathing, another with driftwood and algae, and the third ideal for bathing and diving protected by its coral reef.


Address: the road communicating to Puerto Viejo and other beaches in the area ends in Manzanillo.

Beach approximately 4 km long, between Punta Uva (Grape Point) to the north and Punta Manzanillo (Point) to the south. It has very appropriate spots for bathing and idea] places for diving among corals. Abundant vegetation prevails throughout.


One of the biggest attractiveness in Costa Rica is the great variety of beautiful beaches of white sands and crystalline waters, which are visited by thousands of people every year, in search of amusement and places offering beaches to enjoy the sun and the waves, to relax and to escape from the tensions of the daily life.

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